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Auto-accepting settings

If you would like to enable auto-accepting settings to be enabled this will then mean tht any Parental users or student users who sign up can be automatically accepted based on your preferences. You have a number of options:

1. Auto-accept based on contact details:

This is for parents, if you have integrated your MIS data or you have sent through data we can automatically accept parental users based on the emergency contact details for students – parent name, email address and phone number

2. Auto-accept based on Unique Codes:

If you have unique codes for students, for example a school admission number, or would like unique codes assigned to students we can automatically accept parents and/or students providing they input the correct code into the comments section when sending a role request.

3. Auto-accept based on school email address:

We can accept students providing they have  a school email address that matches those you have sent through to us

Note; students can be set up by Squad in Touch if your school chooses you will just need to send through their email addresses to us and we can set them up for students to then activate themselves.

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