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Staff user access matrix


ActionFurther detailsAdminManagerTeachercoach
Manage the details of your schools accountSchool Description; school email addresses; school phone numbers; School address; Restricted view type of students names; Public website and Big screen settings – including Domain nameYes
Manage the background settings of the accountAccept and reject new requests from users; Moderate what parental and student users can / can’t do – Add photos and comments, send availability reports; Add and remove venues; Integrate with calendars and Twitter; add template questions for consent requests and club booking forms; Manage favourite sportsYesYes – but not for Admin users
Accept invites from opposing schoolsYesYes
Manage student detailsadd / remove students from your account; Change students details – Name, DOB, Emergency contact details, Year group.YesYes
Create and manage eventsAdd event information; Add team sheets; edit times, date, venue; send consent requests; view responses; view availability reports; view emergency contact information; Print team sheets; Add details ; assign jobs; score eventsYesYesYes

Only for sports they are linked to – if any.

The description of the roles used across the platform and their permissions is provided in the table below:

RoleRecommended forAccess
School adminSenior Staff usersThis role allows for the full management of your Squad In touch account, you can perform tasks that enable you to:
  • Edit background settings (domain name, the way student names are shown to external parties etc.),
  • Manage users and their permissions,
  • Manage notification settings,
  • Edit student details,
  • Add and edit events, clubs and activities,
  • Send notifications,
  • Manage student participation,
  • etc.
School managerStaff usersThis role has the same permissions as the School Admin except for managing the school background settings.
TeacherInternal staff usersUsers with this role can add and edit events, clubs, and activities, send notifications, manage student participation, etc. They do not have access to managing the school account.

The access level depends on the school settings, based on these a Teacher can:

  • only access events/fixtures they have been linked to;
  • access all school events.
CoachWe recommend for external staffUsers with this role can edit and view events that they have been provided with permission for, send notifications, manage student participation etc. Their permissions can be limited by a set of sports/activities assigned to them.

The access level depends on the school settings, based on these a Coach can:

  • only access events/fixtures they have been linked to as a Coach or Staff member irrespective of sports/activities they have been assigned with;
  • access all school events but the list of their events will be limited by the set of sports/activities they have been assigned with.
ParentAnyone who needs to see student detailsView events and activities that their children have been added to, respond to consent requests. Providing permission has been given they can also; send availability reports, add comments and photos.
StudentStudentsView events and activities that they have been added to; send availability reports, add comments and photos.
Union adminTournament organisersThis role allows for the full management of your association tournaments, including:
  • Managing your association member schools,
  • Adding tournaments and competitions,
  • Managing online bookings,
  • Inviting schools,
  • etc.
Tournament FollowerAnyone who would like to follow a tournament taking place as part of your unionTournament followers can view tournament information, scores and event details.
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