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Creating a Challenge

To create a challenge you will need to go to the LEAGUES & COMPETITIONS > SCHOOL LEAGUES in the left hand navigation panel, from there you can select ACTIONS > CREATE LEAGUE this will pull up the league creation form

Create League

From here you can now begin to fill in the main details of your league.

Name: This will need to be something unique and that can help you decipher between this event and others similar (it might be worth inputting the academic year here

Description: This will help you input further information to enable staff to know more about this event, this is not information that is shared with parents or students

Aggregation: Here you select the type of tournament, for the purpose of this guide we are doing ‘Team’

Domain Name: Please ensure that this is all one word, you are able to separate words with a dash if you would like. This will create your league website –

Public Site Access: While creating your league you may want to leave it as disabled so there is no access, however when you would like students, parents and staff to see the league tables you can change it to either:

  • Protected: only accessible using the password
  • Allowed: anyone with the web address can access your website
Pictures: here you can input a photo which will become the icon for your league
Team League

Now you can start adding your events, when creating the events you will need to ensure you use a precreated team, if you’re unsure on how to create a team then please see our guide on how to do this. Then create an event using your team(s) you have already created if you are unsure how to create a sporting event yet, please see our guide on how to do this.

Once you have created your events you are now ready to add them to the League. To do this select your chosen league and then click ACTIONS > ADD EVENTS.

Add Events

You can then select your chosen events from the list and select ACTIONS > ADD TO LEAGUE

Add Events to the Challenge

You can find all events for the league in the EVENTS tab of the league.

View Events
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