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Student details

Student data can be managed on your Squad In Touch account by either Admins or Managers. If you have MIS integration as part of your subscription you won’t need to update details as this will be done automatically on a nightly basis.

Student list

  • First Name – Required, please note if you would like to add other identifiable names for students you can do this
  • Surname – Required, please note you can either just add first letter of surname or other identifiable names if you prefer
  • Gender – Required. If it is not specified, a student won’t be able to be selected for any event or club/activity.
  • Form Group – Required. Students are linked to year groups via Form Groups; if a student is not linked to a Year group, they won’t be able to be selected for any event or club/activity.
  • House – Optional.
  • Date of Birth – Optional.
  • Medical information – Optional, as this is sensitive data we recommend that it is coded.
  • Emergency contact details – Optional. If you would like parents to be auto-accepted based on this information you will need to provide it.
  • Pupil Premium – Optional.
  • SEN – Optional.
While medical information and emergency contact details are optional, it may be critically useful to keep them on the platform as you can access this data when you need it urgently whilst out on the pitch or on a school trip, even when you don’t have access to an internet connection. 

You can access student lists via Users > Students tab. There you can see a student’s principal details as well as active parental accounts linked to them. 

Accessing student list

The list allows for filtering records by the chosen criteria. Filtering/Searching is available by:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Form
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Date of birth interval
  • Tags

Once the filtering criteria has been applied (the Apply filter button) the records will be filtered based on them. To remove the filter click the Clear filter button. Please note if you select people based on your filter, then your re-filter, the users you have selected will be refreshed.

Filtering the list of students

Managing student details

To view or edit student details select a record from the list. The student’s details will be displayed in the Summary tab. 

Student details

To edit any of the student’ details click the Edit button. 

Editing student details

Once you have amended the required data click the SAVE button for changes to be applied. 

Editing student details

Sending messages

If your school has General messages included in your subscription you will be using the same list when sending messages to parents and/or students. Using filtering/searching options you will be able to send messages to selected users or groups.

You can learn more about sending messages in the “Whole School Communication” section of the Support Knowledge Base.

Managing tags

Each platform user can be assigned custom user tags. The tags are added to help you differentiate users when sending messages or filtering users data for further processing. You can learn more about user tags in the “User Tags” section of the Support Knowledge Base. 

Adding tags

To apply a tag to a student or to multiple students select them on the list and click the Actions > Assign tag button. 

Assigning tags to student(s)

Select the tag you need and confirm your changes. 

Selecting a tag for assigning

The assigned tag will be displayed on the user list and you will be able to filter students using the tag as a filtering criteria.

Displaying tags on the student list

Removing tags

To remove a tag from a student or a group of students select users and click the Actions > Delete tag button. 

Removing tags

The tags will only be available for selection if at least one of the users has been assigned to it. Once you have confirmed the action the tag will be removed from all the relevant users.

Selecting a tag for removing

If you have MIS integration included in your subscription it is strongly recommended that you don’t add, remove or change any student details. All the changes done on your MIS will be applied automatically to the data on Squad in Touch during the next synchronisation.

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