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Your Free Trial

If you are the first user in your school to sign up for a Squad In Touch account your free 30-day trial period will be activated automatically for your selected products.

We are more than happy to arrange a demo of any products within the platform and discuss how Squad In Touch features can be utilised by your school in the most efficient way. To book a demo please click this link. You will be able to invite your colleagues from your department or other departments within your schools to join the demo so we can discuss how your whole school can benefit from using Squad In Touch. 

Once your Free Trial is over you will be able to continue with the full subscription for your chosen products, our team will be happy to help you with selecting the best options for your school. 

Your Free Trial does not imply any obligations on your school or yourself. When signing up you are not required to leave any credit card details or other payment information.

You can be absolutely sure that unless you would like to continue after your Free Trial, your subscription will not be set up automatically.

Worth trying

You do not need to add real data to be added to the platform when on your free trial. You can try all Squad In Touch features using demo data.

You can invite your colleagues to join you in your trial of the platform. Ask them to create their own accounts and accept their requests on your school console. Try using different roles, you can have multiple roles linked to one account, just as you can be an Admin, a Coach and a Parent within the same school in the real life. You can also add a student role so that you can see how students interact with the platform from their side. 

Add some demo registration forms, houses and students. Add a parent role linked to some of your demo students to check how parents interact with the platform from their side.

Add your activity schedule. You can try events of different types – team (i.e; football, hockey, netball) or individual (cross-country for example), add inter-school fixtures, house or inter-form competitions. And why not try to set up a house league or try an individual competition or even a challenge students or staff can join!?

Add a club and see how club bookings work. You can either try a sports club or any other clubs / activities – drama, orchestra, coding sessions – whatever they are they can be run via Squad In Touch.

There are so many features you can play around with! Add results and scores, assign student jobs, post media files, match reports and leader/coach’s notes, get parental consent for your demo students and send club invitations, track performance and discipline marks, mark attendance and send messages and notifications.

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