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Setting up your school account

Once you have tried the Squad In Touch platform and are ready to get the ball rolling with the full subscription we are happy to take care of your account set up. The full set up process normally takes just one working day so you will be ready to start managing your events and activities immediately once it’s ready. 

There are 5 simple steps we will need to complete together:

We will ask you to fill out the online form specifying your preferences and options so that we can set up your account to best suit your school needs. Once we have got your responses we will set up your account within an hour. 

We will set up your MIS integration or upload your registration forms, houses and student details depending on your decision to opt in for MIS integration or keep your students up to date manually.

Invite your colleagues to create their accounts which you can then accept them from your school console.

Send an invitation to parents / guardians asking them to create their own accounts which can be linked to their children’s activities and events. You can use a dedicated template we have created for your school or compose your own letter.  Your parents will be linked to their children automatically based on your chosen preferences or you can select to accept them manually.

Invite your students to sign up for their own accounts or we can activate all your students in bulk if you prefer.

You are ready to go! Start creating your events, clubs and activities and communicate with your school community easily and efficiently.

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