Being flexible and customisable, Squad in Touch allows you to manage your events the way you prefer. When teams and events are in question you can choose from a variety of options including:

  • using pre-defined teams you can create at the start of the season
  • creating teams right from the fixture form with an option to save the list as a new team
  • selecting pupils for each event separately without using the team functionality

You can also combine the options described above or use different options for different event types. When you use a saved team for an event you can edit it right from the fixture form. Once amended you can either save changes to the existing team if such changes are permanent or just keep them for a particular event without amending the original team.

It is recommended to create the set of teams you are going to use once you know the players, this will make the process of adding events/fixtures easier and quicker for you.

Please note that teams can only be created for team sports like football, netball etc. For individual events like swimming, athletics and cross-country competitions you will need to add participants when creating a fixture.

This section describes the teams management. To see how to create a team whilst creating a fixture please see the guide detailing how to create an event.