Creating a team from scratch

Creating a team from scratch

To create a team you will firstly need to go to the “Schools” tab and from there select the “Teams” tab on the blue ribbon.
This will then pull up the list of all your current teams on Squad In touch, if there are any.

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To add a new team click  button, this will then pull up the creation form.

  • Team Name; this needs to be how you identify the team, you will not need to put in the sport name in this section however you may like to put in the age group, gender and any other identifiable information like ‘First Team’.
  • Team Description; this is an optional field you can use for adding a team description.
  • Game; this needs to be a sport for which you are creating a team. Please be aware that you will need separate teams for different types of the same sport – like Football and Football 5-a-side

The fields described below determine the filtering criteria that will be applied to the list of students available for adding to the team.

  • Age Group – This field can be left blank; in this case all students will be available for selecting irrespective of their age group.
  • Gender – Please note that you will not be able to select a single-gender team when you create a mixed event.
  • Filtered by house – Enable this checkbox if you are creating dedicated teams for school houses. Please see details of creating such a team below.

Once you have specified all the fields described above the list of students matching the criteria will be generated. You can add them to the team and also specify their pitch positions and/or mark captains and substitutes. Team members you have added to the team can be changed when you create a fixture if you need to change them for any reason. You will then be provided with the option to save as a new team, use for just one event or override the current saved team.

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