Student access

Students can only see the events they have been added to from their Squad In Touch account, it is up to your school if you would like them to be able to access the platform, therefore enable them to have their own accounts.

Student accounts can be created in one of the following ways:

  • Mass student activation. Activation is performed by the Squad in Touch team on a schools request and we can either use the list of email addresses you supply or we can get student email addresses from your MIS, provided your package includes MIS integration. Once activation has been complete we can send an email to all of your students with instructions on how they can access the platform. This is the quickest and the easiest way for a school to ensure their students have their own accounts as it does not require your staff members time and effort in verifying and accepting students;
  • Students can sign up for their own accounts via registering on the platform with further approval of their role requests by members of your school staff. Please be aware that if a student’s record already exists on your school account you will need to merge two records (the “Accept and Merge” action) rather than just accepting the role request so that they are merged with their name and events on your school’s platform, thus ensuring duplicate records are not created.
  • students can sign up for their own accounts via registering on the platform with further automatic approval. The approval can be based on unique codes provided by a school or codes can be assigned by Squad in Touch. Please be aware that you will need to ensure all students know their unique code. A school will still have to verify and accept role requests when a unique codes does not match the data kept for a particular student on the platform.

Please note that if you would like students to register they will need to use a mobile number to create their account.

In real operations a combination of the approaches described above is normally used. For instance, students are activated in bulk and then if new students join the school they are either activated by the Squad in Touch team or they can sign up for their own account and send a role requests to their school to be approved by a member of school staff.

Due to GDPR regulations it is up to your school to ensure that you are happy for students under the age of 13 years old to have a Squad In Touch account, young people under this age need to have the permission of a parent / guardian to enable them to have an account of this kind. Please note this is the obligation of the school to ensure this is adhered to.