Parental access

Parents can only see the events their child(ren) are involved in from their Squad In Touch account. A user can have parental permissions for multiple students. Also, every student can be linked to as many parental accounts as you need thus ensuring that every user with parental responsibility can have access to their children’s details and events.

When viewing the event details parents can see their child(ren)’s full name whilst the other team members are shown based on school settings:

  • either name and the first letter of surname, eg James M;
  • or first letter of both name and surname, eg. J. M.

Please get in touch with our support team if you would like your school settings in relation with the viewing mode for Parents and opposing schools to be changed.

Users with the Parent role can switch calendar views to view an individual child or all of their children’s events at once. If they would like to see the events for the whole school they can see these via the schools Squad In Touch public website.