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Creating events

Creating events

Once your tournament has been closed for booking, all schools are booked on and their teams are in place, you have added them to their groups you can now create your events. The best way to do this is using our round robin system, this will automatically add all teams to events in a reliable formation.

Click on the add events button, enter the details – group, gender, age group, start time for first event and how many minutes each event should last for – please note this includes the turn over time between events – for example, if an event is going to take 10 minutes and you will have 2 minutes between each events then you will need to specify each event lasts for 12 minutes. Click continue and watch your events schedule fill out. Then do this for each gender, age and group.

If you would like to add events individually then you can click on the add event button which will then pull up the event creation form, once you have done one, you can then click ‘Edit’ > ‘Create event like this’ to save you filling the form out each time and then edit specific details.

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