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Booking settings

Booking settings

Tournament booking

There are two ways in which schools can book onto tournaments and this is based on the union preferences;

  • Booking via the union website – If a union places the tournament on the union website and makes it eligible for booking to book on this way. You can open the booking from the tournament creation form, you can set the date and time you would like booking to open and close. A tournament can be placed on the union website without being open for booking.
  • Booking via invite – If you send an invite to schools then they can book onto the tournament through their Squad in Touch school portal. You can send invites going to ‘Eligible Schools’ select your chosen schools, or all and then you will be able to send invites.

Team creation

When a school books on a team will automatically be created, if the ability to have multiple teams / age groups participate in the tournament then they will be with the presented to select the number of teams / age groups when booking onto the tournament. Based on these choices the correct amount of teams will be created, it is then up to the school to add their students to the team.

Booking period

Booking periods can be created, if you would like to close booking on the union website you can select a date that you would like to cease the ability for schools to book on, or alternatively you can make booking unavailable one the tournament is full (see the below section)

You can input a deadline date for bookings when you send an invite out to school, please note this is optional.

When spaces are full

If you turn on the switch for booking to close when spaces are full, then schools will not be able to book onto the waiting list.

Waiting lists

The waiting list is self management, there are a number of options regarding this feature;

  1. You can implement it that when schools book onto your tournament they are automatically entered onto the waiting list for you to manage
  2. Schools can book on to the waiting list when the tournament is full
  3. You turn the waiting list functionality off completely

When a school is added to a waiting list their status will change to ‘Accepted’ however they will not be added to the participants list. A time and date stamp will accompany their ‘Accepted’ status so you can see who booked on first. You can filter schools by status so you can quickly see who is next on the list when being added to the tournament.

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