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Managing photos and comments

Managing photos and comments

You can add photos in a number of ways;

  • Via your phone / computer library
  • Via your phone – taking a live photo

When adding an image there are three tiers of privacy;

  1. Private – only the person who uploaded it and school staff can view the image.
  2. Team members – only people involved in the event (parents and students) and school staff can view the image.
  3. Public – This will be posted on your Squad in Touch public website and anyone who accesses the event details will see it.

You are able to add cover up to students faces to hide their identity, this is in the form of a smiley face, you can add this to any image over any students face, only staff members can change the image privacy and add cover ups.

Parents, students and staff members have the ability to add comments providing they are linked to the fixture in question, users will not get a notification when these comments are put onto the fixture, however all users involved will have the ability to view them.

Managing photo and comment permissions
If you don’t want parents and students to have the ability to add photos and comments then you can turn this function off yourself, if you go to the Squad in Touch website (app.squadintouch) and select the ‘Moderation’ tab, from here you can turn of the relevant switches.

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