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User profile

You can access your profile by clicking the Me icon in the top right corner of your web interface or the Profile settings link on your mobile app (for more details refer to the Mobile apps section).

From your profile you can manage:

  • your personal details;
  • notification settings;
  • your roles and role requests;
  • password;
  • your subscriptions.

Managing personal details

The Summary tab is used for managing your personal details:

  • name;
  • surname;
  • gender;
  • date of birth.

To edit your details click the Edit button. Once you have made the changes click the Save button so that they are applied. 

Summary page

Managing roles

The Roles tab contains all the active roles you have within the platform. You can revoke any role if you don’t need it anymore. 

If there are any restrictions on activities/sports linked to your Teacher’s / Coach’s role you can see them by clicking Show details for the respective role. 

Role Management

Managing role requests

The Requests tab contains information about all the role requests you sent and their status. 

Requests Management

You can cancel any pending requests from here if you don’t need a requested role anymore. 

Sending a new request

You can send a new role request to your school from the Requests tab. To create a role request click the ADD NEW REQUEST button.

Sending a new request

First, you will need to select a school so that you can access the list of available roles. 

Request Form 1

You can find a school by postcode or just by  typing the school name in the Name field. When you type in a postcode the schools will be sorted by distance from this postcode so that you will be able to select from the schools closest to the specified postcode. 

Request Form 2

The details you will need to enter depend on the role you have selected and school settings. For a role of Coach or Teacher you are able to select activities / sports you would like to be linked to. 

Request Form: Coach / Teacher

For a parental request you may be asked to specify additional details so that the school can make sure your request is genuine and you can be linked to your children. According to the school settings your requests may be accepted based on different criteria – your children’s details or your personal details, such as email and phone number you sign up with. Normally your school will let you know if you need to sign up using the same details they keep for you within their MIS data. You will not be allowed to proceed with sending a role request without filling out all the mandatory fields.

Request Form: Parent

If your school is using unique codes to accept users, you may be required to fill out the relevant field when sending a parental or a student request. 

Managing password

The Change Password tab is intended for changing your password. To change your password you will need to type in your current password, then enter a new password and confirm it by typing it once again. 

Please note that your password must:

  • be at least 8 characters long;
  • contain both lower and upper case characters;
  • contain at least one digit.
Change Password

Managing notification settings

The Notifications tab is used for managing your email and text notification settings. 


Managing subscriptions

The Subscriptions tab displays your current subscriptions. You can download your Terms and Conditions from here, as well as cancel your subscription if you would like.

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