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How do I manage end of the academic year student move ups?

The move up process at the end of the year is different dependent on your subscription type:

1. MIS integration:

There is nothing you need to do, once your schools MIS data is updated then Squad in Touch should be up to date the following morning. If your school has not got MIS integration included within your subscription and you would like to, please let your account manager know.

2. Move-ups included

If move ups is included within your subscription and you don’t have MIS integration then please send your student list over, in a password protected Excel spreadsheet, to your account manager either before or at the start of the academic year to ensure everything is up to date. Please note it can take Squad in Touch up to two working days to update your students so please get them over in plenty of time.

3. Move-ups not included

If you haven’t had move-ups included within your subscription then please update your own students lists, you can manually add students from the USERS AND PERMISIONS > STUDENTS section and select ACTIONS > ADD STUDENT you can then add all new students and delete old students by filtering by your chosen year group / student name, select your chosen student(s) and select ACTIONS > DELETE STUDENT(S)

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