Your school public website

Your public website is completely personal to your school, it includes your fixtures and then as much further information as you need. Your team lists will be shown, however they can either be shown as just initials or first name and first letter of surname, no full names will be shown on the website – please note match reports are shown on the website so please limit student data there.

You can add photos, when your public website is first set up, it is set up with generic stock photos, however you can add your own or send some through to us and our graphic team will ensure they look their best on your website

You will be set up with a domain name, when this is set up we try to make it as close to your schools current web address as possible, if you would like to change this then you can do so by going to ‘School’ > ‘Edit’ (using the edit pencil) and change it in the section entitled ‘domain name’ . From this section you can also add a ‘Description’ this will appear on your public website and if you would like one of these you will need to add it yourself.

You can add any news articles you would like too, these can be added in the ‘School’ > ‘News’ section from your log in, we advise you make them look as attractive as possible, to do this you can add a photo into the relevant box.

You can find your public site address by going to the ‘School’ tab from your log in