Waiting lists

Providing you haven’t selected the option for a tournament booking to close when it is full, schools will be able to be added to a waiting list if there are no spaces for teams available. When a team is placed on a waiting list they will show as accepted however they will not be moved onto the tournament.
If a space becomes available as a union admin it is your responsibility to ensure that they are added to the tournament.
When a school books on to a tournament, a time and date stamp is added to their accepted status which is indicative of when they accepted, therefore showing you who booked on first so you know who can be added to the tournament.
When a school books on, if they have been added to the waiting list they will be given a warning message which will let them know that spaces are currently full and they are now on the waiting list.
If you add a school to the tournament, they will get a email to the email address they registered with and push notification (as long as they have the app) to let them know – all school Admins and Managers will receive the notification regardless of who booked onto the tournament.