With regards to venues, you can add them to your favourites if you have any venues that aren’t schools within your union – if you would like to add a venue you can do this one of two ways;

Adding venues

  1. You can create a tournament and in the ‘Postcode’ box, input your postcode and then click the star to the right, this will enable you to input the name of the venue and move the red pin on the map to your chosen location within that postal region
  2. If you go to the ‘Venues’ tab prior to adding a tournament you can add all of your regular venues here so you don’t need to worry about them being there when you come to create a tournament.

Alternatively, if your tournament is taking place at on-site at one of your schools then you can simply input the school name into the postcode event, providing they are part of your union you will be able to select them.