Merging students

When setting up your schools account, we will either be integrating with your MIS database or uploading your students from a file which you provide. Then if you select your students can have their own accounts they can either be activated by us in bulk, or you can allow them to sign up for their own account (see more details – #Student access).

When your students are signing up for their own accounts you need to be particularly careful when accepting their requests, please read detailed instructions on available options below:

  • Accept – select this option only if this is a new student and you don’t have a record for them on your Squad in Touch account yet, otherwise you will create a duplicate record for this student. Whilst you will be adding the initial record to the events a real student with an active account will only see an empty calendar rather than the list of events they are involved in. If this student has just been added to your MIS we strongly recommend that you wait until the next synchronisation takes place before accepting their request, once Squad in Touch has synchronised with your MIS you can then activate their role by clicking the Select and merge option.
  • Accept and merge – you will normally need to select this action when accepting student role requests. This action allows you to link an active account a student has created with an existing record. Provided this student has already been added to events they will see their calendar immediately once having been linked.

You can also accept user requests from your mobile app, please see XXX for more details.