How to create a tournament

To create a tournament you will need to go to the ‘Tournaments’ list

  1. Click on the Create tournament button.
  2. Input all of the information needed and save the tournament.
  • Adding a tournament

Below you will find a table with the summary of the data you will need to specify. We have also put together detailed descriptions of important fields and settings you need to know about to ensure your tournaments work at their best for you, in the following sections below.

Element of formDescription
PictureThis is to make your tournament eye-catching, especially when it is on your union website, it will help schools to quickly realise what the tournament is.
NameWe recommend that the name of the tournament contains these key elements – Union name, Sport type, gender, year of tournament / academic year ie. The Dales SSP U11 Girls Rugby Tournament 2019/2020
SportThe sport helps with the set up of the event, i.e – ‘football’ / ‘Cross country tournament’
Start timeThis is the date and time of when the tournament will begin, please be aware when adding the start time that this is the earliest time you will be able to add an event.
End timeThis is the date and time of when the tournament will end, please be aware when adding the finish time this is the latest time you will be able to end the last event of the tournament.
AgesYou can add multiple ages or just one. When adding multiple ages this will be different events for each age group, for example if you have U10 and U11 you will be able to add events for both age groups, however if you only want one event for multiple age groups simply select the eldest, for example with an U11 team schools will still have the option to add U10 students and younger if needed.
Show ages on websiteThis is a check box so schools can see the ages
GenderSelect one gender or both
Mixed teams available?Yes / No
PostcodeWhere the event is taking place
Type of TournamentTeam / Individual – please ensure you select the right one as this will affect the set up of the tournament website.
Sub-type of tournamentThis will affect the way in which the scores are shown on the tournament website.
Show twitter feed on public site (individual tournament)Yes / No – please note a Twitter account will need to be integrated with your Union Squad in Touch account.
Scoringinput here the scoring method based on number of goals / times
Price typePaid price type available for school union with payment enabled options – please let us know if this is something you would like to implement.
Payment typeOnly for paid price type
CostOnly for paid price type
Payment AccountsOnly for paid price type
Entries openThis is the date you would like the tournament to go live on your Union website as open for booking
Deadline for entriesBooking on the Union website is closed
Or when spaces are fullOnly check this if you do not want a waiting list
OrganisersNames of organisers
Organisers emailWho you would like responses to notifications to be sent to – please note you can only input one email here
Tournament streamIf there is a live stream link let us know here
Add Custom sectionThe custom section will appear on the Union website, when the school clicks more information, you can add as many custom sections as you need. Each one has the ability to have downloadable documents added as well as images if needed. The date and time at the top of the box is indicative of the order the sections will appear in.
Add Governing BodyDetails about the governing body for the tournament

Once you have filled out the form you have then created the shell of your tournament, you can then move on to the internal aspects that will help with the running of your tournaments as detailed in the below sections.