How are they sent?

Once you have composed your message(s) they can be sent in multiple different ways, this is based on your selection as well as your subscription options. Within the comms platform emails and push notifications are included, however it is your choice if you would like to include our add on item of SMS mesages;

  1. Emails – If you decide to send an email then this is the only one of the three options that you can include attachments, these will be sent to all contacts you have selected (providing they have an email address linked to them on you Squad in Touch account). There is no limitation to the number of characters you can include within your email, and you are able to add multiple attachments.
  2. Push notifications – If you decide to send a push notification this will only go to users with an email address linked to them on your Squad in Touch account and those then with the Squad in Touch app, this is a good alternative to the SMS messages as it is included and does go directly to a users smart phone / tablet. The Squad in touch app can be downloaded either via the App store of by the Google Play store and is available for iOS and Android devices.
  3. SMS messages – These come at an additional cost and are not part of the package, the package can work just as smoothly without them, however if you do want to go ahead and use SMS messages we recommend that you use them for important messages, as a push notifications and email tends to go to peoples phone more often than not.