Event pictures

Adding pictures to the events is available for all members of staff (for Teacher and Coach users there may be limitations in event visibility so they can only add pictures to the events that are visible for them).

Being an Admin or Manager you can also manage permissions for parents and students to be able to post photos as well. You can do it by going to your ‘Console’ > ‘Moderation’ tab

A picture can be added either from the web interface or right from your mobile app. When adding a picture using a web interface you can use an emoji icon to hide faces of the children you don’t have parental permission for their photos to be taken for.
Pictures visibility presets are described in the table below. Please note that once saved the original photo will not be visible to anyone.

PrivateThis is the automatic setting, if you would prefer it to be one of the others then please let your Squad In touch support manager know. Private means that only the user who uploaded the photo and staff members can view it.
Team membersThis setting will mean that anyone involved within the fixture / event can see the photo – parents of students involved in the fixture / event, students who have been added to the event, admins, managers, teachers, any coaches who are linked to that sport type / event
Publicthis means that the photo will appear on your schools Squad In Touch public website.

By default, all pictures added to events are published as private and a member of staff can then change their settings to be set as “Team members” or “Public”. Although if you would like default settings for your school to be set as “Team members” please mailto:support@squadintouch.co.uk get in touch] with our support team and we will set it up for you.