Creating an inter-school event/fixture

When you are creating an inter-school game you need to specify the opposing school(s) for this fixture. The number of schools you can add to the fixture depends on the sport settings. Normally a team game (ie football, rounders, rugby, hockey, etc.) allows only one opponent so that you can add a correct score to the game. Although you can select a (mt) or (t) type of sport (like Football (mt) etc.), that will allow you to add multiple opponents to the game. This can be helpful if you are taking part in some tournament that is not supported by Squad in Touch and aren’t aware about the draw, order to play etc. You can just put places when closing such an event so that your school team will show Place N out of M as a result. When an individual sport is selected (like Athletics, Swimming or Cross-Country for example), you will be able to add multiple opponents by default. To learn more about sport types and mini-tournaments please refer to the relevant section of this help.

When searching an opponent you can limit the search area by distance, the radius will then be calculated from your main school postcode. To quickly find the opponent school you can also start entering its name in the relevant field.

If you aren’t sure about the opponent yet you can select TBD and change it later, once you have details.

In the Venue field you will see the list of available venues. Your main venue (the main school postcode) will go first followed by the list of venues from your Favourite venues list. The opposing school(s) venue(s) will also be shown. You can start inputting the venue name or postcode to find it quickly.

You can also input the venue postcode manually, and, save it as a favourite venue right from the fixture form, if needed.
If you are unsure about the venue yet you can select TBD; this can be changed later when you have details.

  • Managing searching distance

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