Consent request template

Consent requests are send once a fixture / club has been created, you can send them just as a simple question ‘do you give permission for your child to take part in the event’ or you can add additional questions of your choosing. When you come to send the consent request you can manage which additional questions you would like to send. Prior to doing this however, you will need to input your questions into Squad In Touch.

  1. Firstly, go to app.squadintouch and click into the ‘Console’ then go to ‘Templates’
  2. From here you can add questions that you would like to have the option to ask
  • When adding a question you can select whether you would like it to be;
    • Required – Parents need to answer it before they can accept
    • Available by default – It will automatically be added to the consent request unless you manage questions and turn this specific question off.
  • There are different answer types which are based on the type of answer you would like to reveive;
    • Enum – This enables parents to select from different options of your choosing, to add your answer input them in the box at the bottom of your template and separate each answer with a coma
    • Boolean – Yes / No answer
    • Number
    • String – Free type answer, this is always good to have at the bottom with a ‘Comments’ section