Composing your message

To compose your message you will need to first log in to your account, in order to send general messages you will need to have the role of either Admin or Manager, if you do not have one of these roles and would like to send general messages please speak to one of your schools Squad in Touch Admins.

To send a general message follow the below steps;

  1. Go to ‘Communications’ and click on ‘General Messages’ > PHOTO
  2. Select ‘Actions’ > ‘Create New’ > PHOTO
  3. Enter your message ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ – please note these are just for organisational purposes, only school staff will be able to see these details.
  4. Next you will need to select who to send to, please note that the message will then go to users with an email linked to their entity (and phone number if you decide to send an SMS message. NB – you can select multiple check boxes you don’t need to choose just one;
    1. ‘Send to parents’ – you will then be able to select which priorities you would like to send it to.
    2. ‘Send to students’
    3. ‘Send to school staff’
    4. ‘Send to governors’ – PHOTO
  5. Once you click ‘Next’ you will then be able to select which users you would like to send messages to, please note if you change your filter type then it will remove the users you have ticked previously, if you are sending it to multiple users who do not have the same filter option the simply use the keyboard shortcut – CTRL+F. Select the users you would like to send it to and then continue. If you selected multiple user types to send your message(s) to then you will go through this screen for each of the user types e.g – students and staff members. – PHOTO
  6. Then you will come to the composition screen, you can select which of the three methods you would like to send – Email / Push notification / SMS message – you can select one or multiple of these three options, please note SMS is available at an additional cost per message. Enter your text and once you are ready click ‘Next’ – PHOTO
  7. Review your messages and then click ‘Send’ or the drop down arrow the ‘Schedule’ your message for a specific time. – PHOTO