Coaches and teachers permissions and access

Coaches and teachers can be assigned sports and activities they are responsible for. The School Admin or Manager can assign them when accepting a user’s role request. The set of sports/activities can also be amended when needed. To change a coach’s or a teacher’s permissions:

  1. Go to and select the Users > Staff tab.
  2. Find the user you need
  3. Open the Roles tab
  4. Click Edit for the Coach’s or Teacher’s role you need to change
  5. Amend the list of sports/activities and click Save

The platform enables two viewing modes for teachers and coaches:

  • Viewing all events – Users can see all the events although events visibility is limited by activities/sports assigned to the particular user;
  • Viewing linked events only – Users can only see the events they have been tagged in.

Please get in touch with our support team if you would like your school settings in relation with the viewing mode for Teachers and/or Coaches to be changed.