Calendar integration

Squad in Touch can be integrated with your school calendar so that any changes you input into your Squad in Touch account will appear on the integrated calendar. You can integrate with as many calendars as needed.

To integrate with your school calendar go to app.squadintouch > ‘Console’ > ‘Integration’ from there you will be able to select which type of integration is your preferred and get it linked to your Squad in Touch account.

We advise that you create a separate calendar on your calendar account (eg. Sport & Extracurricular) and then link it to your Squad in Touch account. To do this you will need to set integration between Squad in Touch and your calendar and then click the Edit button and select a particular calendar you need integration to work with.

Once you have set up integration with your calendar you will need to click the Synchronise button to ensure all the events you have already added to your Squad in Touch account appear on your calendar. This only needs to be done once, all of the events you are adding/changing/cancelling after that will appear on your calendar automatically.

If you need to un-link Squad in Touch from your calendar it is advised that you first use the Unsynchronise button – this will ensure all the events put from Squad in Touch to your calendar disappear from your calendar. Then you can just delete the integration record.


Please note that integration only works one way – anything you put into your Squad In Touch calendar will appear on the integrated calendar, however not vice versa.