Auto-accepting settings

As briefly mentioned above, you can have parental accounts automatically accepted and linked to their child(ren), there are options for the criteria that they will be accepted on which you can choose from;

  • Auto-accept based on contact details;
    • Parents can be accepted based on the emergency contact details provided to Squad in Touch, either provide permission for us to integrate with your MIS or on the password protected document you send over. When parents are accepted on their emergency contact details the system ensures that their name, email address and phone number match your school data.
    • Students can e accepted based on their email address if you would like, please note student email address will need to be provided to Squad in Touch.
  • Auto-accept based on a unique code – If students have a unique code e.g admission code, you can provide this to Squad in Touch and we will allow parents and students to input a code when signing up, if their code matches that assigned to a student then they will be accepted and linked. If you do not have a code already in place for each student then you can either generate one yourself or we can generate one for you to pass onto your students and parents.

Note; students can be set up by Squad in Touch if your school chooses you will just need to send through their email addresses to us and we can set them up for students to then activate themselves.