Adding a fixture/event

To create a fixture you will need to do this from the website (app.squadintouch), go to your events calendar and click on the ‘Add event’ button.
When adding a fixture there are different kinds of fixtures you can add;

  • Internal Fixtures

This enables you to add an event amongst students within your school, providing they fit the criteria of age / gender you will be able to add any student to any team.

  • House Fixtures

With a House fixture you can play house vs house, providing the students within your houses match the criteria of age / gender you can have any students from within one house playing against students from within another.

  • Inter-Schools

You can select any students within your school providing they fit the criteria of age / gender to play in your school team, you are able to select an opposition school to play against – please note if your opposition school is not in Squad In Touch then please let your Squad In Touch support Manager know so they can check, it may be that the schools is yet to be activated or that they appear under a different name in the system.
If the school has a Squad in Touch account then you will need to await for them to accept you invitation before you have the ability to close (add scores to) the event, if they do not have a Squad in Touch account, then you can still add an event against them, they will just be automatically accepted onto the event – so no invite will be sent.